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Hall of Fame

Rules and Helpful Hints

1. Each Model/Athlete is required to have:

*Sexy & Exotic After 5 Dress
*1-piece swimsuit *2-piece swimsuit
At least one pair of Clear Stilettos 3-6 inch or taller

2. The Body~By~Loyd "Clash of the Female Titans" Southern California Urban Model Showdown" is a independent event!! ALL STYLES of SWIMSUITS such as Brazilian Cut, Thong/T-back and G-string just to name a few, are allowed and recommended!

3. If you are a Model/Athlete that plans to wear a Thong/t-back or G-string style swimsuit, seek the advice of your Personal Trainer, a close friend(s) or family member(s) before you wear it in the competition. Remember in order to wear these type of swimsuits, your Gluteus Maximus must be in top condition and form. Be open-minded and ready for constructive criticism or praise from Personal Trainers, friends and family members. You will be judged at a higher standard when wearing these type of Swimsuits, which means you will either Lose Big Points or Gain Big Points!

4. Make sure all Out-Fits enhance your skin complexion and tone.

5. All ladies must have high heels that are at least 3-inches tall or higher.

6. You must be able to walk properly when wearing high heels with good posture.

7. Any contestant displaying bad sportsmanship will be disqualified from the contest and asked to leave the premises. We need good and positive attitudes/role models on and off the stage.

8. Hair, toenails and fingernails must be done glamorously. Any make-up other than lipstick is optional.

9. There are (4) Divisional Classes which are: ☆1)Ms. Fitness Los Angeles - DEFINED AS = a cross between a Model and a Athlete, Muscular but, not overly Muscular. Fit & Beautiful/Sexy! ☆2)Ms. Urban L.A. - DEFINED AS = a Model that has dangerous curves, unusual good looks and a lot of sex appeal/Swagger! ☆3)Ms. "Voluptuous" Southern California - DEFINED AS = a Model that has dangerous curves, unusual good looks and a lot of sex appeal/Swagger wrapped-up in a bigger package (size 10 & above)! ☆4)California Classic Beauties - DEFINED AS = a Model that either has dangerous curves or a healthy fitness Physique, great personality, good looks and a lot of sex appeal/Swagger and are Ages 50 & Above!
10. In the (4) Divisional Classes there will be (3) rounds, which are:

*Sexy & Exotic After 5 Dresses
*1-piece swimsuit
*2-piece swimsuit
The maximum points any Model/Athlete can receive in each of the 3 Rounds is 10, which is a perfect score!

11. Your registration fee must be turned in by or before March 15th, 2017 and the registration fee is $150.00

12. No competitor that uses or tests positive for any illegal drug/substance will be allowed to participate in this competition! Natural Athletes only!!
13.Any Model/Athlete that would like to compete in more than one Divisional Class will have to pay a "Crossover Fee"! Crossovers pay an additional $25 per Class! Registration begins October 15th! 2016. Call the BBL 24hr. Hotline# at: 1-310-368-9201 or call/text Loyd Hooper direct at: 1-323-806-7566. ***Note: THE 4-First Place CHAMPIONS FROM EACH OF THE 4- DIVISIONAL CLASSES PLUS TWO "WILDCARD" CONTESTANTS selected by the Promoter, WILL COMPETE AGAINST EACH OTHER FOR THE Over-All Grand Prize which is: $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) Model's Portfolio Shoot & $1.500.00 (Fifteen Hundred Dollars Cash) for the one and only Overall Champion! Each Model/Athlete must Complete the BBL Registration Form at: bodybyloyd.com & pay the $150.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Dollars) Registration Fee. Late Registration Fee is $175.00 (One Hundred and Seventy Five Dollars) from March 16th - March 22nd!

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